Create Easy Ombre Sweetheart Nail Art Using Dipping Powder Colors

Get ready to get plenty of compliments because these nail designs is going to get you flooded with overwhelming flattering remark. From glitter fades to hearts design, there’s a look for every nail mood. Read on for our roundup here.

 Ombre Sweetheart Nail Art

  1. The Amazing Sunset Look

A neon ombre mix of red and yellow is the ultimate statement nail for spring. We like it topped off with a glossy finish to channel the sunset view. This can either be worn on short or long nails, either way, your hands will still look breath-taking just like a sunset.

  1. Tie-Dye Red and Yellow

To get this look, you will need LDS D75 Grace Upon Grace and LDS D103 Sun shines on my mind. This tie-dye effect resembles a sun setting in the horizon. Here is another gorgeous way to wear the two shades. It uses the same set of nail dipping powder yet it creates a completely different look.

  1. Heart-Studded Nails on Red Basecoat

Looking for a nail art design that you can wear on the next league? Search no more because we have here a very trendy design fit for a sweetheart like you. To achieve this, coat the nail with LDS D163 A thousand kisses. The shiny red basecoat will compliment the yellow and heart shapes. For a sugar-effect, paint hearts using a thin nail brush and your favorite white DND DC polish then cover them with LDS D75 Grace Upon Grace and LDS D103 Sun shines using a fan brush. Shrug off the excess powder once done and top it with LDS Liquid Gel Base for that glossy effect.

  1. Color it Red Nails

Just like a red lipstick, a red nail can say so much. It’s vintage, its classy and nothing screams sweetheart like red nails.  Just coat your nail in a bright shade of red with LDS D75 Grace Upon Grace and your sweetheart nail can take just about anything.

  1. Mellow Yellow Nails

This nail art design starts and ends in a stunning yellow shade. LDS D103 Sun shines that is. This is a beautiful nail idea and it is one of our favorites. It will be perfect for the spring and summer and a nail design like this will suit all nail lengths and shapes. This is an easy to wear look and it will make a statement. This is a cool and trendy idea and is perfect for the ladies that like subtle yet still eye-catching nails.

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