The 10 Spring Nail Colors Using LDS Dip Powder

It will not be rainy or sunny forever. At least you must be willing to let go of your sweet comfort zone and welcome the new spring season. After all, it is inevitable, so do not let it catch you unprepared. No worries. You will get used to it just like the way you had to let go of the old acrylics and gels and ventured into the world of LDS dipping powder. Let those dark nail polishes fade away, and as you say goodbye, prepare for the lively and cheery spring colors. Do not only change from your winter attires. Even a change in the nails will be worthwhile. The gardens have already bloomed, and you have the license to wear bright nail colors as well as the pastel polishes that were littering your stash. If you had not acquired a persona kit, there are tons of colors, kits, and dipping powder collections in nail supplies online or even in your nearest store. Spring has just begun, and there’s still time to order your best nail supplies. But wait, had you thought of the colors that you are going to try out?


Anything that looks close to violet or purple is will definitely emaciate your resistance. You will find yourself wearing it all over. It has a wide range of shades from aubergine, plum to lavender. The vast amounts of mouthwatering shades will win your heart because most of them will look good on your nails. You will also find plain and glitter shades. Just one color will bring out your hidden princess look all year round. You just have to remember that you cannot explore all the shades in a single lifetime.


You just made new resolutions on the onset of New Year, but peach can motivate you to reach your goals. Just don’t think twice when making it the official color for the year. Its shades are not too loud nor too subtle, which places it somewhere close to perfection if not absolutely perfect. You will find work-appropriate peach, shimmery poolside subtle or coral, and any other color that will match your every time endeavors.

 Neon Pink

You do not have to explain why you wore neon pink in spring. It perfectly matches the bright background of blossoming plants and flowers. There is a wide range of colors that will also suit you even when spring is long gone.

Natural/ nude

The perfection you derive from nude cuts across all seasons. Yet some shades are just designed to make you love spring even more. Nude lovers are not only secure enough not to fall for every emerging trend but also glamorous. It results in pretty looks that do not need to be highly maintained.

Deep Green

If you love deep shades, green works magically on you. It contains enormous amounts of power and intense colors that radiate the earthiness in the spring season. It is perfect for adventure lovers and those who view life as a den of risky choices. Do not just check your calendar for the environmental conservation days. The hue gives you a natural touch, and besides, you will be hitting two birds with one stone.


Close your eyes and imagine your teeth tearing through a sweet juicy apricot fruit. You can transfer the same feeling to your nails by painting them with an excellent apricot color. Just a little more frosty touch will make your nails look glamorous. Apricot lovers are said to be lovely, creative, and bubbly. What is stopping you from joining this club?


Despite the popularity of pink, it can still serve you well in spring. There are diverse shades of pink that you can try out. The usual pink powder is still available, but the colors are the biggest deal.

Frosted Finish

Pastel colors might be the love of your life. But have you ever wondered how you would look by adding a little twist to the polish? If you have already worn your favorite pastel, a frosted finish will be a perfect way to try out your DIY skills. You will make your nails prettier than you had even anticipated.


Blue does not bite, but if it does, you can bite back. Before you begin wondering, it is good you know that the market is flooded with shades of blue that will make you look prettier than the one you tried earlier.


Bright yellow shades may be loathsome sometimes. Avoid looking too loud by going for the light or creamy yellow shades. The advantage of this shade is that even those whose skin tone is deep can use it and still look fabulous.


The time for a change has come, but don’t make too drastic changes as you welcome the new season. Different LDS dip nails can aid in your gradual transformation. Remember, trying dip powders will strengthen your nails and give you a manicure that lasts longer than usual.

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